Game 2: Alabama vs Pitt

Game Recap 09/29/18

University of Alabama Vs. University of Pittsburgh


            Alabama makes the first goal in the second game of two in the Pitt series, #11 Teed scores with assists from #7 Messina and #39 Rooney with 11:06 to go in the first period. Minutes later #6 Joseph puts up the second Alabama goal with #7 Messina assist, making it 2-0 with 8:27 left in the first. Period one ends with Alabama leading 2-0 and Pitt still remaining scoreless.


            Alabama puts up a third goal by #96 Briere and assist from #7 Messina in the second period with 11:18 left to play. Rooney scores back to back at 6:16 in P2 unassisted and 4:08 with assists from #11 Teed and #7 Messina forcing a 5-0 lead over Pitt. Closing out the second period, Pitt scores their first goal by #18 Schwartz with assist from #15 Mulholland with 2:42 left in P2. By the end of the second period Alabama has a nice lead over Pitt with 5-1.


            Pitt attempts to catch up in the third period with a goal from #42 Tepz and assists from #20 Thomas and #14 Phillips making it 5-2 with 6:19 left to go in P3. Pitt scores again with a goal from #19 Desay unassisted with 5:07 left in the third. Alabama comes in with another goal by #90 Hannah unassisted at 2:29 in the third, in attempt to keep Pitt off their heels. Pitt scores the final goal of the game with a goal from #14 Phillips unassisted with 1:19 left in the game. Alabama receives redemption by beating Pitt 6-4 in the second game of the 2 game series.